Questions about Proximus Mail

Configuring your mailbox

Functions of your mailbox

  • How do you save e-mail addresses in your address book?
    Save the e-mail addresses of your contacts in your address book and create distribution lists so you can send e-mails to your contacts more quickly and easily.
  • How do you insert a signature in your e-mails?
    You can create a signature and have it automatically inserted in the e-mails you send. A signature often contains your contact details and, possibly, a personal text.
  • How do you set up an out-of-office message?
    Going on holiday? Or can't be contacted for a few days because you're off ill? In that case, set up an out-of-office message. This message is automatically sent in reply to any e-mails you receive.
  • How do you automatically forward e-mails?
    Want the e-mails you receive at your Proximus e-mail address to be automatically forwarded to, say, your Gmail account? Then set up a mail forward.
  • How do you protect your mailbox with free antivirus or antispam?
    Your mailbox is automatically protected against virusses and spam. If you still receive unwanted e-mails, you can set up e-mail rules.
  • How many folders or subfolders can you create in Webmail?
    There is a maximum of 100 folders or 100 subfolders.

Problems with your mailbox

  • Don't have access to your e-mails anymore?
    If you send an excessive number of e-mails or spam, we temporarily block your mailbox for security reasons. If you no longer have access to your e-mails, creating a new password will usually solve the problem.
  • Do you receive a message saying ‘554 Access denied- Under investigation for spam abuse. Contact your email provider for more info’?
    It means that spam has been sent from your computer or e-mail address, probably without your knowledge. To prevent you from sending more spam, we have added you to our blacklist and some measures need to be taken to prevent this in the future.
  • Have you received a suspect e-mail?
    Phishing is Internet fraud. Someone is trying to pass themselves off as a Proximus employee and asks you for your personal details (customer number, password, etc.). See how to recognize a phishing e-mail and what to do if you receive one.
  • What happens to your e-mail address if you terminate your contract?
    You can use your e-mail address free of charge for up to 18 months after terminating the contract. Your existing login and password remain valid during this period.

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