Configure services on your landline

Call Phone Manager to activate, deactivate or change various options and services on your landline. Do you want to switch off PhoneMail completely? Contact our customer service.

  • From your own phone: call 1987 (toll-free)
  • From any other phone or a mobile in Belgium: call 0800 1 1987 (toll-free)
  • Fron abroad: call +32 70 21 1987 (= international call rate)

In the last two cases, you will first be asked to enter your telephone number (without the country code) and your Phone Manager code.

After that, follow the instructions. Some of the services you have activated on your landline are paying options. In case of a call forwarding, you will pay a fee per call that is forwarded. Depending on what you've activated, the following options will be available to you:

(1) Call forwarding service

(1) Unconditional call forwarding: forward your calls without your phone ringing.
(2) Call forwarding on no reply: forward your calls after 20 seconds.
(3) Call forwarding on busy: forward your calls when your line is engaged.
(4) Short numbers: program max. 2 short numbers to allow you to forward your calls by simply choosing 1 or 2.
(5) Change the timer for call forwarding on no reply: let your phone ring for a longer or shorter time before the call is forwarded.

(2) Other services

(1) Call Waiting: pick up a second call when you are already on a call..
(2) Fixed-destination call: automatically call a preprogrammed number by picking up the receiver for a few seconds.

(3) Basic services

(1) Change the timer for call forwarding to PhoneMail: let your phone ring for a longer or shorter time before the call is forwarded to PhoneMail, the voicemail service on your landline.
(2) Language of the line:choose a language for the different services available on your line (Dutch, French, English or German).
(3) Calling Number Identification Restriction: hide your telephone number when calling someone.
(4) Anonymous Call Rejection: automatically block calls from anonymous callers.

(4) Change the Phone Manager profile

(1) Change the password: configure a new Phone Manager code.
(2) Change the Phone Manager language: choose the Phone Manager menu language (Dutch, French, English or German).
(3) Trusted number: choose a second telephone number with which you receive direct access to Phone Manager without a code.
(4) Security from home line: choose whether to enter your Phone Manager code when you call Phone Manager from your own phone.
(5) Short numbers: change the numbers you have preprogrammed.

(5) Activation and deactivation of the Smart Services

(1) Add a service: activate a service on your line.
(2) Remove a service: deactivate a service on your line.

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