Broadcast an event via Pickx

Would you like to use our TV services to broadcast a cultural or sporting event? We want to draw your attention to the fact that showing an event on a big screen in a public environment is only possible if certain rules are complied with.

Pickx is intended for private use only. If you, as a customer, still like to show a event on a large screen, you will need to obtain the necessary permissions from those who manage these rights, namely:

  • VRT: You can request permission via the contact form on (website in Dutch).
  • RTBF: You can request permission by sending an e-mail to
  • SABAM: You can apply for a license online at
  • Simim: You can request a license online at in Dutch or in French.
  • The owner of the rights to this sporting or cultural event. Example: FIFA for the football world cup.

The responsibility for using the Pickx service and applying for the necessary licenses lies entirely with you (see the general terms and conditions for more information). In this way, we want to avoid possible misunderstandings.

We wish you lots of viewing pleasure and success in organizing your event!