Trade-in your old mobile or tablet

Your used devices are valuable

Let’s recycle!

Get €10 to €1000

In collaboration with CTDI

Estimate the value of my device

What is mobile trade-in?

Unlock the value of your old mobile phone and contribute to recycling efforts

Give your handset a second life by bringing it into a Proximus shop and recover its residual value. Discover all the advantages.

Don't let your old devices gather dust. Bring them back and motivate others to do the same!

Why recycling your mobile matters?

Good for you and your wallet

  • Open to all customers, Proximus or not
  • Minimum €10 guaranteed
  • Get up to €1000 directly credited to your bank account

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

  • Devices that are in good condition are refurbished and will be given a new lease of life
  • The valuable components of old or broken mobiles or tablets will be recycled or reused. This is what is known as urban mining

Your actions make a difference

3 million phones forgotten in drawers in Belgium

And yet, 90% of the materials in mobile phones can be recycled (copper, cobalt, silver, gold, etc.).

Our target for 2024: Collect 140,000 devices

Thanks to you, we collected 125,000 devices in 2023. Let’s continue our efforts together and make an even bigger impact in 2024!

300g of gold for every ton of recycled mobile phones

While in nature, extracting one metric ton of mining soil yields only 3g of gold. Recycling your devices is therefore 100x more efficient!

How does mobile trade-in work?

Give your used devices a new lease of life and get rewarded

  1. Use the tool to estimate the value of your device to get a voucher or repayment in your account. Your phone or tablet will be recycled in Belgium.

    How much is my device worth?

Frequently asked questions about mobile trade-in

Once you bring your device to a Proximus shop, we evaluate its value. If the device is worth €10 or less, you'll receive a voucher immediately. For devices valued at more than €10 we will send it over to our partner CTDI to ensure an accurate valuation. Be assured, you'll be updated via email with the final proposition by CTDI.

If the final proposal aligns with the initial shop estimate, a prompt reimbursement will be initiated by CTDI, transferring the funds directly to your bank account within the upcoming days. In the event that the final proposal deviates from the original estimation, CTDI will contact you. You'll then have the liberty to either accept the new offer or opt to decline it. You can follow this process at any time on the Track & Trace portal.

If the evaluation matches the estimated value provided in-store for your device, the corresponding amount will be promptly credited to your bank account by CTDI. Should the assessed value of your device fall below the estimated value, CTDI will reach out to you by email and you will have the possibility to either accept or decline the new offer. CTDI will send back your device to your home via Bpost at their expense.

This voucher is perfect for purchasing (in-store or online) a new smartphone or a cool accessory like a case or a Bluetooth speaker, or even for topping up your prepaid card.

You can trade-in a maximum of five devices per month per client.

Urban mining: we re-use the precious and rare materials that we find in your old mobile phones, smartphones and tablets.

Depending on the estimated value of the returned device (any mobile phone or smartphone or tablet returned to the Proximus Shop): refund to the bank account or voucher.

If the estimated value of the device is less than 10 euros, Proximus will give you a Proximus voucher worth 10 euros in exchange for your device. Voucher valid for 6 months in all Proximus shops on the entire range of smartphones (also online) and accessories, as well as on prepaid reloads. Non-refundable in cash. The voucher cannot be used for a business purchase with VAT deduction. Maximum 5 vouchers per customer per month.

If the estimated value of the phone by Proximus is more than 10 euros, you are entitled to a refund of the real value of your device on your bank account. To assess the real value of your device, your device will be sent to our partner CTDI. At this point, you have agreed on the transfer of ownership of your device to CTDI, provided that the estimated value corresponds to the real value.

  • If the estimated value corresponds to the real value, CTDI will confirm and pledge its agreement on the transaction and the transfer of ownership and will transfer the amount of the real value of your device to your bank account.
  • However, if the actual value is lower than the estimated value, a communication will be sent to you to know your choice about the new amount. You are free to accept or refuse. In case of refusal, your device will be returned to you by CTDI. If you agree, you accept the transaction and the transfer of ownership of your device to CTDI and CTDI will reimburse you the amount of the real value of your device. If you do not respond within 7 days, the device will automatically be returned to you within 3 business days.