Optimize your mobile subscription

Your mobile phone number

Two phones, one number

  • 1 invoice and 1 call number, but 2 mobile phones and 2 identical SIM cards
  • Access to all Proximus services with 2 SIM cards
  • Stay connected at all times, even abroad

You'll  pay €25 to activate ProxiDuo and €6/month for using it.

Choose your number

  • Gold: choose a number that is easy to remember for everyone (for example: 047X 200 200) for the one-time fee of €198.
  • Silver: choose a combination of 6 digits free of charge. You can for example adapt your mobile phone number to match your landline (for example: 047X XX 87 93, if your landline is 02 xxx 87 93).

Not valid for mobile subscriptions in a pack.

Manage your calls

Block or limit calls

You monitor your budget closely or someone bothers you? You can block all outgoing or incoming (national or international) calls or SMSes (€6 per month).

Transfer calls

You are anxious to miss a call? Come on, it's not so bad, there are solutions:

  • Transfer calls to another fixed or mobile number.
  • Transfer all calls, or only those when you are on a call, not answering or unavailable.
  • Transfer calls to your voice mail.

Transferring calls is free of charge.

Handle 2 calls at once

This ProxiComfort option is activated by default on all our subscriptions.

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