Proximus commitments

Proximus takes care of its customers but also contributes to a better society, with respect for the environment.

Parental control

I want my kids to be safe

Discover how to ensure your child can call, text, surf and watch TV safely, and how to reduce his exposure to mobile phone waves. Stolen phone? We’ll block the SIM card and phone!

Inappropriate content

Do you want to protect your child against inappropriate content on TV, on smartphone and tablet or block paying text messages? Check our tips and advice.

Mobile phone waves

We recommend mobile phones with a lower SAR value. You can also reduce exposure to mobile phone radiation in other ways.

Safer internet

You can enhance your child security on the web, by taking precautions.

Loss of mobile phone

Your child's mobile phone has been stolen? We can block the phone and SIM so personal data isn’t misused.

For the disabled

An offer for every person with a disability

Find the best solution for your situation: mobile phone, fixed phone, tariff plan and useful apps

The best mobile phone

These mobile phones, smartphones and tablets have been tested by an independent team of people with a disability.

A suitable fixed telephone

These phones are not only easy to use, they also have large keys and very clear sound. They are compatible with a hearing aid!

The most suited rate plan

Each person has different needs and requirements, depending on his or her disability. That's why we would like to highlight a number of rate plans.

Useful apps

There are numerous applications on the market that can help you.

Your mobile phone

Responsible use of my mobile phone

Check our tips for safety and don’t forget to recycle your mobile phone.

Our tips for safe use

Get info on road safety, reduce your exposure to electromagnetic waves and get some useful tips.

Proximus sponsoring

Always close to our customers

Proximus also fulfils a societal role by actively partnering with cultural and sports organisations, to strengthen the emotional bonds people have, when coming together and celebrating what they love.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A conscious choice!

Being close to our customers means that as a company we are also concerned about society and the communities we serve.

The way we do this is established in our CSR strategy, which is based on three pillars: Education, Communities, and Green.

  • Education: Smart Café, Safer Internet, Web Experts,…
  • Communities: Bednet, Devices for accessible devices,…
  • Green: Recycle, CO2 footprints reduction,…

These CSR standards apply not only to us but also to our suppliers and subcontractors.

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