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What is fiber?

Fiber uses light to transport signals and is therefore much faster than the traditional copper cables.

Fiber network

A large part of the Proximus network today consists of optical fiber. But the last stretch, from the street to your company, still had traditional cables. We’re changing that, so you can enjoy the best possible network experience.

Technology of the future

With fiber, you have a fast and stable Internet connection, without any loss of quality, no matter how many people or devices are connected to the Internet at the same time.

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Fiber light Fiber light Fiber light Fiber light
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Solutions for large companies

Internet Pro Fiber

The advantages of fiber at the best price

Internet Pro+ Fiber

Your Internet accessible at all times, even during an outage

Fiber Max

Different flow rates and service levels


A completely private and secure network that evolves with your company and in which you can integrate other services such as telephony and cloud applications

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Customer stories


Fast, high-quality customer service and better stock management thanks to fiber. Testimonial from Volvo!


Rochefort uses fiber to improve the quality of its Trappist beers and remotely manage its production. Learn how!

Martin's Hotel

Increase customer satisfaction and improve IT security? It’s possible with fiber!


Discover how VPK is using fiber to make its production more efficient, to enable it to respond more quickly in case of problems, and to reduce its travel costs!

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