Connect, share and work faster than ever

Revolution in communication

The way in which you communicate is changing completely

  • Optical fiber is much faster than the conventional Internet connections
  • Large bandwidth for voice calls, data and cloud applications, all through one connection
  • Highly reliable and stable connection, so no unwelcome interruptions during peak moments.
  • A one-off investment that grows with your company
  • Lightning speed for all your real-time business applications
Optical fiber to your business

Internet solutions

We are at your service

Guaranteed repair within five working hours
Helpdesk available 24/7 by phone

We guarantee

  • An team of optical fiber specialists always ready to help and guide you through every step of your project
  • Our own optical fiber network throughout Belgium and partnerships with foreign optical fiber operators internationally
  • A single partner for all your telecom and IT projects

Is there optical fiber on your doorstep?

700 business parks

Fiber is already available in more than 80% of business parks and an increasing number of streets in your neighborhood.

To find out in which streets optical fiber is available or to pull fiber up to your doorstep, send an e-mail to the contact form.

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Customer stories


One investment now to support new models in the future.


Real-time information for customers.


Rochefort brewery’s employees can control different remote machines.

Martin's Hotel

A fast reservation system and a fast guest wifi on the same connectivity line.


Access to the training applications from anywhere on the Internet.


More flexibility because the fiber connection is always on.


VPK Packaging Group use fiber to support their centralised ICT model.

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Enterprise Call & Surf

Non-stop calling and surfing for all your employees.



A fast, reliable and secure network, and completely private.

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General conditions

Upstream/downstream speeds: The actual speed, experienced by the customer, also depends on the computer installation and, in exceptional cases, on the general use.

Mobile Internet: if the volume is used up: €0.083 per additional MB. Only for use in Belgium. In order to enjoy Mobile Internet you need a modem or a device with integrated 3G/4G technology.

Repairs within 5 working hours: In case of an incident with the Internet access or one of the Internet services (e-mail) you can count on a guaranteed repair within 5 working hours (not on Sundays and public holidays) if the incident is reported before 5 p.m. (before 1 p.m. on Saturdays). If it cannot be restored within the agreed timeframe, we will temporarily restore it via the 3G/4G network.

Mobile Back-up: free installation on a new line, €100 on an existing line. Only available after an evaluation of your mobile coverage.

Price excludes VAT.