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TV Replay changed my life

Published on 31/07/2015 in Showtime!

TV Replay changed my life

The first radical change in my TV watching came with the invention of the remote control. Before that, zapping actually required moving! You had to get off the couch, plod to the TV, and bend down to press a button. I remember sometimes just watching a boring program because I was couldn’t be bothered to get up and switch channels. The remote control changed all that!

The second change came with digital TV. Finally, you could record and pause programs – easily! No more struggling with video recorders that only the engineers who actually built them seemed to know how to program.

But neither the zapper nor the advantages of digital TV could offer a solution to an important problem: the need to plan ahead! But that’s a thing of the past now. We’ve become used to the freedom of the Internet, and apps on smartphones and tablets. We think it’s normal, in our busy lives, to be able to choose where, when, and on what device we’re entertained: any place, any time, any device.

TV Replay brings the old, analog linear TV experience to the digital era. You can sit in front of your TV and choose to watch any program that was broadcast that evening or the evening before. You’re no longer tied to a schedule, unless you want to program a recording.

This is very liberating: you don’t waste any time synchronizing your calendar with the broadcast schedule, and you don't have to learn the TV Guide off by heart. You can also only watch the things you really want to watch, and in my case, that means watching less TV (but better), thanks to TV Replay.

Still not convinced? Try it out for yourself! TV Replay is free of charge for Proximus TV customers who have a pack because, at Proximus, we want to bring you closer to what’s important to you. And for TV, we do that by making TV Replay a standard service for everyone. But we also bring Netflix to your decoder.


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