Looking for the latest good films?

Published on 18/01/2017 in Showtime!

Looking for the latest good films?

Whichever language you speak, at Proximus you're always in the right place for the latest top movies.

It's super simple to watch them on demand, on your TV or mobile phone. Popcorn time!

Our Dutch-speaking customers, for instance, can currently enjoy quite a few films that won awards in the past few years, including lots of Oscars and Golden Globes.

Meanwhile, thanks to the My French Film Festival, our French-speaking customers can watch a selection of the best films that France has to offer.

Don’t have Proximus TV yet? In that case, opt for Tuttimus, our strongest all-in.  What’s more, you get a TV bundle of your choice for free, plus 3 months of Netflix. All right!


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