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What is the best security software?

Published on 19/05/2015 in Bits & Bytes

What is the best security software?

Hackers, phishing, viruses, and so on: every day you read reports about these in the media. To protect you effectively against all types of visible and invisible attacks you need a good security program. We reveal the five best tools.

Norton Multi Security

Our absolute favorite is Norton Multi Security. For just 5 euro per month, this comprehensive program protects you not just against viruses, but also against spam, phishing, Trojans, spyware, etc. Even identity protection, parental control (Norton Family Premier) and remote tracking are included. The program contains five licenses so you can protect not only your computer (PC or Mac) but also your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS). For 5 euro per month, you have Norton on your computer, smartphone and tablet. If you were to buy this as a standalone product on Norton's website you would pay €70 per year. At Proximus you pay €60, or even €55 with the current promo.

BullGuard Identity Protection

Besides comprehensive security packages, there are also specialized tools. BullGuard focuses on identity protection with this program. In a user-friendly and simple way, you can protect such important elements as your financial data, contact addresses, Facebook activities and your children's data. The  BullGuard software works on all devices, regardless of the platform.

F-Secure Key

Privacy starts with a strong password. One password for an nth number of different services? That's a bad idea! Thanks to F-Secure Key , however, you don't have to remember all your passwords yourself. The software generates as good as uncrackable passwords, stores them securely and synchronizes them between all your devices. You just need to memorize one of them:  F-Secure Key does the rest. Moreover, the tool works not just on computers, but on smartphones and tablets too.

Acronis Backup for PC

Even if you use excellent security software, it is essential to perform backups regularly. With the help of good software such as Acronis Backup for PC, all this is done automatically in the background. Which means less worries and more peace of mind for you!

Norton Mobile Security

Free apps are not always as harmless as they seem. Often they gather personal data or contain malware. With Norton Mobile Security, you can protect your personal data on your iOS or Android device. Can't remember where your phone or tablet is? This tool will help you locate it. Android users benefit from even more features, such as the possibility of taking photos of everyone who uses your lost device and erasing data on a lost or stolen device.


Dieter, chief editor.

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