The channel numbers on your tv have been revamped

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The channel numbers on your tv have been revamped

Watching TV on your sofa or on the go: what could be better! Including doing a bit of zapping or watching that one program that takes your fancy today. But for this, it helps if Proximus TV has a clear and logical layout. We are constantly working on this.

For example, we recently gave the TV menu a thorough overhaul. Some of you will now already have it on your decoder, the rest will have it soon. And now it's time to revamp the channel list. Over the next two months we'll change it for everyone. It, too, will become a lot simpler. Below, are answers to the top three questions you may be asking yourselves now.

  1. Why a new channel list?

    The channel numbering really needed an update. Over the years, many channels had been added to the offering and others removed. And for some thematic sections, it had recently become impossible to add any extra channels. What's more, the Dutch-language and French-language channels were all mixed up. So, too, were the SD and HD channels.

    As a result, the list was no longer logical and needed an urgent makeover!

  2. What precisely will change?

    We're ensuring that zapping becomes a smooth and pleasant experience. And above all, that you can immediately find the program you really want to watch. Fancy an evening of soccer? Want to watch a good series or documentary? Or put something on for the kids? From now on you'll find everything in next to no time on Proximus TV.

    What hasn't changed, however, are the channels on numbers 1 to 13. Indeed, these are also the 13 most popular TV channels in your region. For the rest we're reordering everything as follows:

    • First off, we're putting all the HD channels together, right up in front. From channel 401 you can also find them in standard quality (if such a version exists for the channel concerned).
    • What’s more, channels will now be grouped by language. For example, in Flanders you'll first get all Dutch-language channels in HD. Then, from channel 251, you'll find the main French-language HD channels. In Brussels and Wallonia, the opposite is true.
    • All channels are also grouped neatly together by theme. For example, from channel 30, you'll find the Kids channels; from channel 50, the Entertainment channels; from channel 100, the Sports channels; and from channel 140, the Music channels. When zapping, you first go through the channels of the basic Proximus TV offering by theme, followed by the additional channels in a TV bundle. The latter are shown in grey in your TV guide.
    • In addition, a number of old versions of regional channels which no longer exist, will disappear. More specifically, these are AVS-Eeklo, AVS-Oudenaarde, RTV Kempen Noord, RTV Kempen West, TV Limburg midden, TV Limburg noord, TV Limburg oost, TV Limburg west, TV Limburg zuid-oost and TV Limburg zuid-west. You can of course still watch AVS-Gent, RTV Kempen, RTV Mechelen and TV Limburg.
    • Also, we're assigning the channel Extreme Sports just one channel number in the new list. Previously, this channel was available on both number 664 (for the Dutch-speaking TV option International Sports) and 764 (for the French-speaking variant).

    Have you recorded programs on one of the channels which will completely disappear? In that case, you won't be able to watch those recordings anymore. We'll automatically delete the recordings for you. If the channel is simply moved, however, your recordings will remain available afterwards.

    Want to see what the new channel numbering will look like? Then view the complete channel list for Flanders or Wallonia and the Brussels Capital Region.

    Tip: If the numbering on your TV does not yet correspond to that of the channel list, reboot your decoder. Normally, that should put all the channels in the right order!

    Good to know: not only can you find this channel list on your decoder at home, but also via the Proximus TV app and the website. TV viewing will therefore become a lot simpler, no matter where you are!

    Don't have the Proximus TV app on your smartphone or tablet yet? Why not try it out? It allows you to watch over 100 channels while on the go, in Belgium and the rest of the European Union. Including TV Replay up to 36 hours after broadcasting for the main channels, plus remote recording.

  3. What about your personal numbering?

    Have you changed the numbers of one or more channels in the past? If so, these will also be automatically replaced by the new channel order. But don't worry, it's so logically structured that you'll soon get used to the new situation.

    Do you still want to change the order of the channels a little afterwards? No problem: this is also very easy to do in the new channel list. Watch a short video about this on our special support page Tip: save your current personal order somewhere beforehand. That way, you'll be done more quickly.

    Also bear in mind that all the channels that follow from the number you have changed will be automatically moved to the next place below. For example, do you have the All Sports TV option and are you moving the channels of Proximus 11+ to numbers 1 to 9? In that case, the channels which previously were on numbers 1 to 9 will move down to numbers 10 to 18.

    And, for example, is a new children's channel added later to number 39? Then it will be assigned the first free channel number after 39. The new children's channel might in that case not be grouped among the other children's channels in your system.

    Finally, please note that we always refer to the official channel numbers in our communications. In your case, these may of course differ if you renumber the channels yourself.

Do you still have questions about the new channel numbering on Proximus TV? Don't worry, you can always refer to our dedicated channel list page on your TV and in the Proximus TV app.


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