The new Proximus TV app will blow your socks off!

Published on 08/03/2016 in Be the first to know

The new Proximus TV app will blow your socks off!

Rejoice and cheer because the new Proximus TV app is here

And that makes watching your favorite series, movies, talk shows and soaps more fun, exciting and easier than ever! 

Below, we've drawn up a quick comparison between the TV Everywhere app and the new Proximus TV app . You've got to admit, switching to the Proximus TV app is a no-brainer!

TV Partout app

More than 40 channels

A useful TV guide

Program your recordings remotely

Watch football live

Um ...

You may point your smartphone at your TV and swipe as much as you like, but nothing will happen and your housemates will suspect that you're suffering from psychological problems.

Operating your television set with TV Everywhere is still like it was in the 1960s, i.e. with a zapper.

Well ...

New TV app

Also more than 40 channels

A TV guide that's at least as useful

Program your recordings remotely and watch them on all your devices

Sure, you can do that with the new app too!

Rewind, pause or fast forward your program*

Annoy your housemates by secretly using your smartphone as a remote control while they keep hitting the real remote to no avail!

Start a program on your television via your smartphone or tablet: welcome to 2016, hahaha!

Browse the On demand catalog and add movies and series to your favorites to watch them later on your TV.

Download the Proximus TV app free of charge via Google Play, App Store or Windows Store.

* Not yet available with the Windows Phone version of the app. But it's coming!


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