Netflix as an option with Tuttimus? It's now possible!

Published on 17/03/2017 in Showtime!

Netflix as an option with Tuttimus? It's now possible!

That means you can binge-watch as many original series and movies as you like.

Great news, therefore, for everyone who currently already has a Tuttimus or Familus Pack. But also for those who are still considering opting for our most comprehensive all-in.

Because everyone can choose a TV bonus of their liking with Tuttimus or Familus. And it’s taken back on your Proximus invoice/invitation to pay!  So easy! So now you, too, can go full out for Netflix.

Why would you do that, you may ask? Well, let me give you six very compelling reasons:

  1. Never again can you say there's nothing worth watching

    Because with Netflix you have access to an enormous catalog.

  2. You'll always find something to your liking

    Want more recent original series and movies? Or golden oldie classics? Something to keep the kids sweet? Or do you prefer horror? Yep, you can find it on Netflix.

  3. Netflix has its own great series and movies

    Things you can't watch anywhere else. Not only exclusive series such as House of Cards, Stranger Things, Orange Is the New Black, and Marvel's Iron Fist, but also stand-up shows of top-class comedians such as Jimmy Carr. And now there are even Netflix’ own produced movies such as Tallulah and Special Correspondents plus Oscar-winning documentaries, like The White Helmets.

  4. What's more, you can watch it all really easily via Proximus TV

    Simply access via your Proximus TV with the touch of a button.

  5. But you can also watch while on the move

    All right, that means you can also binge-watch during those boring train journeys! Incidentally, you can download quite a few series and movies beforehand so you don't use any mobile data.

  6. And this is possible with several devices simultaneously

    For example, you can watch an exciting series on TV, while your oldest daughter is glued to a children's film on the tablet.

Have you got Tuttimus or Familus and ready to opt for Netflix? In that case, we happily explain here how to choose Netflix as TV bonus with your pack.

Or don't you have our strongest all-in pack yet? Then take a quick look now at what is possible with Tuttimus. Believe me, it's a whole lot!


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