Half an Easter egg in the Netflix app

Published on 13/05/2015 in Tips & tricks from…

Half an Easter egg in the Netflix app

By now everybody probably knows that you can install Netflix directly on your Proximus decoder by using the blue button on your remote control. Because we've made a lot of publicity for it over the past few weeks :-)

But did you know that there's an "Easter egg" in the Netflix app which will be of great interest to the nerd in you? An "Easter egg" is a non-documented functionality that programmers insert in the software on the sly. Usually these are jokes.

But in this case it's only half an Easter egg, as it’s not a joke but a fully functional addition to the user experience!

When you start up Netflix on your Proximus decoder and subsequently also launch the app on your tablet (iOS, Android), the "cast" icon will suddenly appear on your tablet. If you click on it, you can link up to your Proximus decoder (decoder 1) and from then on all your movies/series which you select on your tablet will play automatically on your TV. You can then also pause or rewind a program, adapt subtitles, etc. via your tablet.

That's very useful, as searching for a good movie/series goes much faster on a tablet than using the remote control.

It's motivating to feel that this product is really supported by everyone at Proximus. The programmers add extra features to it and the marketing department took it upon itself to promote the advantages of Netflix (video in French):


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