How to calculate and reduce your carbon footprint?

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Depending on their lifestyle, each person emits a greater or lesser amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. Understanding how this carbon footprint (CO2) works allows us to influence it by correcting certain consumption habits in order to reduce our carbon impact on the environment.

How to calculate and reduce your carbon footprint?

How does it work?

The carbon footprint is measured from the amount of greenhouse gases produced by activities generated by an everyday person.... Explanations.

You drive to work, which produces pollution. This pollution can be measured. It is called the carbon footprint.

Measuring your ecological footprint

The calculation of the carbon footprint allows us to know the quantity of pollution emitted by our activities. It evaluates the amount of CO2 gas [carbon dioxide] needed to carry out an activity or manufacture an object. The concern is that CO2 is the main gas responsible for global warming.

Some figures

Did you know that in Belgium the distribution of greenhouse gas emissions is 46.5% for industry, 22.5% for transport, followed by heating of buildings with 18.1%.

We are talking about 12 tons of CO2 per person per year in Belgium. (Source: ecoconso.beOpens a new window )

The carbon footprint on which the citizen has a hold because he can influence it by his choices, his behaviours and purchases. The objective is to halve all emissions by 2030, so it's time to think about it.

Some tips for reducing your footprint

It's obvious that we won't be able to change everything at once, but small streams make big rivers. Small gestures are possible and have a significant impact...

  • Set your washing machine to 30° instead of 40°: -150KgCO2/year/person
  • Buy second-hand: -200KgCO2/year/person
  • Favour local and seasonal products: -80KgCO2/year/person
  • Replace a beef meal with a vegetarian meal every week: -500 KgCO2/year/person
  • Drive 5,000 Km less by walking to school: -660 kgCO2/year/person
  • Buy less: -500 KgCO2/year/person

Reducing its footprint

Proximus considers it its duty to help its customers understand, calculate and reduce their environmental impact.

This is why Proximus has launched the MyFootprint platform, available via MyProximus, which will enable you to define your ecological footprint through various questions...

You will receive practical tips and tricks to help you reduce your CO2 consumption.

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