What is Willemen Groep doing to adapt to the digital world?

Published on 06/01/2020 in Inspire

What is Willemen Groep doing to adapt to the digital world?

Willemen Groep is one of Belgium’s biggest family construction groups. This is due to its constant innovation, among other things. CEO Tom Willemen sums up the most recent innovations for us.

Smarter ERP

“We have integrated our Building Information Model into our ERP. These are fully digitalized models of building projects including all the construction data. In the past, this was done manually. By entering these data directly in the ERP, we can prepare bills of quantities, schedules and quotes faster and more easily and reduce our margin of error.”

Co-creation for innovation

“We regularly organize co-creations with other organizations such as universities or companies like Imec on AI and photogrammetry. For instance, we have already used GoPros and drones with the KULeuven to convert photographs of buildings into point clouds and vector drawings. In another project, we were able to note how many staff do not wear helmets.”

IoT as a tracker dog

“We are increasingly using IoT in our buildings, our machines and our equipment to capture data and use them in our systems. One of the applications is that we follow all our small equipment via sensors so that we know where a particular device is at all times.”

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