Digital innovations in customer and employee interaction

Published on 07/08/2020 in Sectors

Inform and advise your customers & their employees instantly from your HR service desk through chat, voice bot, chatbot or video conference.

Digital innovations in customer and employee interaction

50% of employers & employees prefer that HR tasks, like scheduling work or time off, are primarily digital and not face-to-face.  To meet these expectations, a flexible and personalized HR service is key.

Improve your customers’ experience and maximize their employees’ productivity by offering various communication channels, such as: e-mail, text, chat, video,… so that you can inform and advise them. Use a centralized interaction platform to ensure that your clients and their employees can benefit from all your expertise online.

39% of people who complain about a company on social networks are expecting a response within 60 minutes. Still, the average response time is 5 hours.

Source: Edison Research

Make your HR staff’s true expertise available to your clients and their employees 24/7. 

1. Your Digital HR Service Center

Optimize HR interactions with clients and their employees thanks to our tailored HR Service Center solutions:

  • Offer custom-made service center solutions based on Automatic Call Distribution and Voice Bots.
  • Instantly inform and provide expert advice through e-mail, text, chat, video, WhatsApp and more.
  • Free up your staff with simultaneous SMS communication to answer recurring HR questions.

Set up a centralized interaction platform

Customer Stories: Konvert Interim

Konvert is the largest employement agency in Belgium with 85 locations and provides companies with low-skilled, as well as highly skilled personnel. To improve the cooperation between branch offices and the head-office, Konvert has chosen to centralize their telephone system and modernize it, so they can screen their candidates via videoconference.

Discover how Konvert has unified and modernized their communications platform

2. Simplify HR procedures

44% of employees think their workplace is not smart enough. By offering digital tools for optimal communication and collaboration, you allow them to be more efficient.

Simplify your HR procedures with collaborative apps:

  • Facilitate requests and approvals for holidays, planning remote meetings, finding meeting rooms, …
  • Simplify complicated procedures for product orders, absence requests, homeworking approvals, …
  • Personalize your HR assistance by setting up a group chat or enlisting the help of an automated voice assistant.

Communicate better with your staff through voice and chat

3. Strong Customer Relationship

Stay in contact with your clients & their employees through their preferred channel.

  • Influence online conversations about your agency or brand online.
  • Answer their questions online or forward them to a more experienced colleague.
  • Receive all messages sent by your employees through Chat, Facebook or Facebook Messenger in a single interface.

Manage all conversations from social media & traditional channels

4. Screen Candidates via Video Conference

Save time, effort and resources in your application process by screening your candidates through video conference:

  • Easy to install, easy to use audio and web conferencing
  • Wide range of supported devices: a phone, PC or Mac is sufficient to be able to participate
  • Interoperability with standard video conferencing solutions
  • Live Service Desk available for each question to prepare and during a conference

Discover how much time and money you can save, by holding online meetings

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