Digital transformation by EpiCURA

Published on 15/06/2018 in News

Digital transformation by EpiCURA

Digital transformation in the healthcare sector is an integral part of a global strategy focused on the patient.

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For François Burhin, CEO at EpiCURA, digital transformation involves managing change. From practitioners to patients, and right down to the less visible parts of the organisation. The hospital structure must be agile, yet also know how to manage this transformation without forgetting external partners. In his opinion, the future lies in full mobility serving players wherever they are in the sector, and particularly EpiCURA, who has chosen a multi-site model.

What does e-healthcare mean to you?

Frederic De Wallens, Account Executive, Proximus: “The concept is very broad. However, in the specific solution selected by EpiCURA, it is the move to a Software as a Service model and the use of the Proximus public network that are so innovative. The doors are now open to develop business applications, which will literally take EpiCURA to the forefront in the field of e-healthcare.”

Bruno Liénard, CIO at EpiCURA: “E-healthcare is a very specific part of our activity. To give an example, we already use the IoT in the case of oxygen therapy or peritoneal dialysis. The monitoring can therefore be analysed remotely and the data transmitted to the doctor in real time.”

“You could summarise the digital transformation of the sector as the transition from an enormous pile of paperwork and disseminated information to the efficient digitisation of patients’ personal files. Also not forgetting the complete traceability of sensitive information. We have finally arrived in an age of proactivity and tailored processes,” explains Dave O’Shaughnessy, expert at Avaya.

To support this digital transformation, even the least visible parts are subject to change. This implies a replacement of the IT Core and Access infrastructure. Epicura will now certainly be ready to manage even more transformation projects in the future," says LI Ge Zhao from Huawei. “

In practice

When it comes to digital transformation, the hospital network EpiCURA definitely stands out. Transformation is a long-term project, but the foundations are essential for a multi-site organisation that aims to become entirely mobile.

EpiCURA is a hospital network in the district of Mons-Borinage and Ath. Spread across 3 hospital sites and 7 satellite sites, the organisation has a total of 806 beds, 2,750 staff and 450 medical practitioners.

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