What is the radiation level (SAR) of your mobile phone?

The radiation level, also called the SAR value (specific absorption rate), is the unit of measurement for the quantity of electromagnetic energy that is absorbed by the body when using a cordless device (mobile, tablet, cordless phone, etc.). The maximum allowed radiation value in Europe is 2 Watt/kg.

You can find the SAR value for a particular device in our mobile phone catalogueOpens a new window . There are 5 categories:

  • A: for a SAR value smaller than 0.4 Watt/kg
  • B: for a SAR value of 0.4 Watt/kg or over, but under 0.8 Watt/kg
  • C: for a SAR value of 0.8 Watt/kg or over, but under 1.2 Watt/kg
  • D: for a SAR value of 1.2 Watt/kg or over, but under 1.6 Watt/kg
  • E: for a SAR value of 1.6 Watt/kg or over, but under or equal to 2 Watt/kg

Note: the actual SAR value is usually lower than the maximum value indicated, as your mobile phone does not use more energy than is necessary to establish a connection with the network. To date, no link has been demonstrated between wireless devices and any possible effects on health.

As precautionary measure, you as well as your children can limit exposure to electromagnetic waves by calling in moderation and/or with an earpiece, opting for a phone with a low radiation value (e.g. one from category A or B), or by making calls when coverage is good (e.g. when you are close to a transmission mast).

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