From when can you start calling after changing your rate plan?

Are you a new customer? Or have you changed your rate plan? In that case you may not be able to make any calls from your mobile for a short period of time. The length of this period depends on several factors.

  • Will you receive a new telephone number?
    • If you opted for a subscription, you will be able to make calls as soon as we have processed your contract. This takes two hours on average.
    • If you opted for a Pay&Go card, you will be able to make calls immediately.
  • Will you keep your telephone number?
    • If you were already a customer with us, the switch to a new subscription or Pay&Go card will take place at midnight. Until then you can simply continue to make calls with your previous rate plan.
    • If you were a customer with another operator, the switch will take place within 24 hours. As soon as the switch has been completed, your old SIM card will no longer work. At that point, insert the new SIM card that you received from us into your device to start making calls with it immediately.

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