How to pay your bill or payment statement?

You can pay your bill or payment statement by electronic transfer or by filling in a payment transfer form. In both cases, the following rules apply when you fill in the transfer:

  • Use, depending on your type of subscription, the right bank account number (IBAN) and the right bank code (BIC):
    • You have an internet, TV or fixed line subscription? Use bank account number BE50 0001 7100 3118 and bank code BPOTBEB11.
    • You have only GSM numbers (and no other subscription)? Use bank account number BE31 4354 1116 1155 and bank code KREDBEBB.
  • Fill in the structured reference as mentioned on your bill or payment statement: The reference should have the following format: +++xxx/xxxx/xxxxx+++ (each x is replaced by a digit).
  • Pay the exact amount mentioned on the bill or payment statement.

This way, your transfer will be correctly executed. And don't forget to pay your bill or payment statement before the due date, to avoid the risk of incurring a reminder fee for late payment. If you choose for direct debit, your bills are paid automatically, correctly and timely.

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