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Nikki: Hello, how can I help you?

Nikki is a human assistant. Additional service on top of your telephone subscription (fixed or mobile) to enlighten your workload.

  • Nikki answers your incoming calls when you are not available
  • Communicate with Nikki via a simple app in your mobile to get a status of the calls
  • Brief Nikki how to handle specific situations
  • Nikki has access to agenda to setup meetings
  • Missed an important call? No worries, Nikki will handle your unanswered calls and send you all the information afterwards

Routing via voice bot

Your digital assistant routes your incoming calls to the right operator based on detected keywords.

  • Customer friendly way to automate incoming calls
  • Always on: 7/7 -24h
  • Cost-effective sales and customer service
  • Integrated in your CRM system via voice-based messages
  • Integration with Microsoft tools (Teams,…)

Leave a message

of your callers will not leave a message (BT study)

Call back

of your callers will not even call you back (BT study)


drop of checking their voicemail (Vonage study)

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