Internet Maxi

with Bizz Services

46.94 /month

Internet Maxi

46.94 /month

Surf unlimited
Same day repair of your Internet connection
24/7 technical support via 0800 55 500

Internet Maxi

Unlimited Internet use for your business

46.94 /month (excl. VAT)

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Extra advantages?

Take Internet Maxi in a Bizz All-in!

Unlimited monthly volume1

Up to. 100 Mbps (download) and 20 Mbps (upload)2

Extra SIM card of 3 GB for your tablet

Free access to more than 1.3 million Wi-Fi hotspots in Belgium thanks to Smart Wi-Fi

Modem included

Free installation of your Bizz All-in


Why choose Internet Maxi?

Unlimited fast internet





Work without worry

Call 0800 55 500 to get 24/7 support for your business. Same day repair3 of your Internet, landline and TV.

Easy Switch

Proximus takes care of everything from the cancellation and transfer request up to the installation by one of our technicians!

  • We take care of cancellation & transfer
  • No interruption of Internet, TV…
  • Avoid double billing

Recommended options

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Protect all your devices (PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets) against viruses with Norton.

Bizz Guest Wifi

Let customers surf safely and for free in your business and show them promotional offers

Bizz Internet Guarantee

Your Internet connection goes down? Switch automatically to a 4G mobile connection and keep working.

Mobile Internet

Surf on your tablet and laptop anytime and anywhere, using our excellent 3G and 4G network.

Smart Wi-Fi

With Smart Wi-Fi, you can switch automatically from 3G to 4G to one of our million free Wi-Fi Hotspots in Belgium.

Extra Volume

Exceeded your Internet volume? Keep surfing at your usual speed.


Already customer?

Do you already have an Internet subscription?
Combine you Internet Subscription in a Pack Bizz All-in or Bizz Office and benefit from even more advantages. Your current subscriptions will be updated automatically when you have ordered your new Pack.
Do you already have a mobile subscription or a landline?
Then opt for a Pack Bizz All-in or Bizz Office. By combining your mobile subscription and/or landline with an Internet subscription you will benefit from extra advantages at a very sharp price. Your current subscriptions will be updated automatically when you have ordered your new Pack.
  1. Unlimited volume:
    For personal use only, in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Proximus. If you have used up your 750GB, your Internet speed will be reduced at the standard speed as of the first day of the next month you have ordered a free Extra Volume 150 GB via MyProximus. More info on www.proximus.be/internetpolicy.
  2. Download and upload speeds:
    The indicated speeds of your home connection depend on such factors as the distance between the connection point and the telephone exchange, the computer system and the internal cabling. In order to attain these speeds, you must have a VDSL connection. The indicated speeds on the 3G network depend on the quality of the 3G coverage; quality is influenced by the proximity to an antenna, obstructions between the device and the antenna, the quality of the device.
  3. Repairs:
    The same day repairs for internet, phone line and TV: if you call before 5 p.m. on a working day or before 1 p.m. on a Saturday.


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