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We keep your business healthy with these 5 guarantees

The smooth running of your business is our priority. That’s why all our Business Flex packs come with guarantees to ensure your business always runs smoothly, whatever the daily ups and downs.

Your exclusive customer service

Get directly in touch with the right expert, without being transferred from one person to another

  • Access to an expert in 1 click.
  • For all your administrative, technical and commercial questions.
  • Ask your question only once and an expert will follow it up from A to Z.

24/7 technical service, solved within 24 hours

Don't miss any commercial opportunities even if your connection breacks down.

  • Our technical Business Experts will assist you 24/7.
  • Same day repair of your internet, TV and landline*

*by calling before 5 pm on a working day or before 1 pm on a Saturday

Proactive optimisation of your tariff plan

Always be sure to get the best deal

  • We review your usage and contact you when you would be better off with a different subscription

Get a free replacement smartphone right away

No phone failure will stop you from making your business calls with our backup solutions

  • Pick up a free replacement smartphone for 1 month in a Proximus shop.
  • Have your current phone repaired or choose a new one.

Proactive improvement of your Wi-Fi connection

Forget about the weak Wi-Fi signal during an on-line call or a presentation

  • We monitor your wifi remotely.
  • When we see that it is not working properly, we get in touch and schedule a visit from a technician.
  • We will look into necessary changes and improve your wifi immediately.

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