Bizz Internet Guarantee

instead of €5 0 /month (6 months)

Bizz Internet Guarantee

Non-stop online, no lost revenue

How does it work?

Sometimes your Internet connection might go down briefly. Don't panic: Bizz Internet Guarantee is a solution that will automatically switch you to a 4G connection. You are always connected and in all circumstances! When your internet connection is restored, it will switch back to your standard internet connection.

Bizz Internet Guarantee

  • Back-up connection on your Internet line
  • Automatic switch to our mobile network
  • No interruption of your online services

Add Bizz Internet Guarantee for only €5/month in a Business Flex .

One-time activation fee: 50

Compose your pack

10 /month VAT excl + €50 activation cost

*Installation is carried out directly by the customer using a digital guide.


Despite a technical failure your customers can simply continue paying via Bancontact, as Bizz Internet Guarantee switches automatically over to the mobile network.

The Terms and Conditions and Pricelist & tariffs apply.

Prices do not include VAT. Offer intended for business customers, without fixed term contract.

To benefit from this extra guarantee, you, as a business customer, need Bizz Internet in a Bizz All-in or Bizz Office or Business Flex .

The functioning of the product is dependent on the 4G coverage and the positioning of the modem in the building. You can easily carry out the installation yourself. If you want an installation via a technician, this must be requested when ordering and will be charged €70.

Not compatible with a fixed IP or with Fiber.

How to have a guaranteed uninterrupted internet connection with Proximus

You want the guarantee of an uninterrupted internet connection that does not cut out? All you do is choose the Proximus "Bizz Internet Guarantee" option and you will have an uninterrupted internet connection. If fact, if the internet connection breaks down, "Bizz Internet Guarantee" will automatically switch over to a 4G connection until your internet connection is restored.

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