Bizz Guest Wifi

Your customers surf safely and for free

Bizz Guest Wifi

10 /month

A secure, low-cost solution

You want to offer your customers free Wi-Fi when they visit your business, but it has to be easy peasy. And security first - you want to protect your privacy.

For only €10/month you enjoy Bizz Guest Wifi with your Bizz All-in or Bizz Office. The activation and installation are free of charge! 1

10 /month *

* Free installation and activation. Only available as an option with Bizz All-In or Bizz Office

All prices are VAT exclusive.

Your advantages

Satisfied customers: free Wi-Fi is a real asset for your business, customers appreciate it and will come back.

Secure Wi-Fi access:  the separate Wi-Fi access for customers guarantees that you won’t be held responsible for their surfing behaviour.

Easy, without a password: your customers connect to your Wi-Fi network via their mobile number. That’s as easy as it can get. 

Extra promotional tool: thanks to your personalized entrypage your customers immediately see your promos, services, website and Facebook.



Is guest Wi-Fi safe enough for your business?

Guest Wi-Fi has become a mandatory service for businesses towards their customers. 

No more Wi-Fi trouble for Fab Ken

"I'd rather cope with hairdo's than Wi-Fi passwords."


Prices VAT excl.

1You need a Bizz All-In or Bizz Office o benefit from Bizz Guest Wi-Fi as a business customer. No installation or activation costs, only a monthly fee of €10.

One Wi-Fi Hotspot per modem (B-Box3).

Why offer your clients free Wi-Fi?

Offering your clients a free Wi-Fi internet connection has many advantages:

  • Improving your clients' general experience of their visit
  • Improving your image
  • Additional channel of promotion