This is how you check store access and hand hygiene

Published on 04/12/2020 in Solutions & services

The measures to keep COVID-19 under control are changing the in-store experience. The provision of hydro-alcoholic gel and access control are essential for compliance with social distancing. Entrance Monitoring ensures efficient access to your store.

This is how you check store access and hand hygiene

“The automated Entrance Monitoring solution is modular and the first element counts the number of customers present in the shop", explains Thierry Depré, Sales Solutions at Proximus. A multidirectional sensor, placed at the entrance or exit of the shop, detects people entering and leaving the shop. No wiring is needed to install the sensors. The data is transmitted via the LoRa network and is displayed on a screen at the shop entrance. The second element is responsible for the distribution of hydro-alcoholic gel and facilitates its management.

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Access control

“On a display, visitors can see how many people are in the store,” says Stijn Bogaerts, Solution Manager at Proximus. “Some stores choose a color code and work with green, orange or red to give an overview of the busy periods of the previous week. This way the customer sees at once how busy it is at any time of the day or week.” As an extra option, it is even possible to analyze how long an average store visit lasts, using Wi-Fi sensors.

It is an easy application to give customers guidelines and help maintain social distancing

Thierry Depré, Solution manager Proximus

“If the store is full, our system can indicate that and even fairly accurately estimate how long it will be until someone has finished shopping, and the next customer may enter the store,” said Stijn. That too is information that the retailer can offer on the display at the entrance, in addition to an overview of the quieter shopping times and other specific information.

Decathlon and the Brussels shopping center Basilix, among others, use the application to inform customers of the occupancy of the store space. “It is an easy application to give customers guidelines and help maintain social distancing,” said Thierry.

The manager receives a warning when a specific occupancy level has almost been reached or is exceeded

Stijn Bogaerts, Solution manager Proximus

Linked to other applications

Stores that use Entrance Monitoring can organize their access control more efficiently. “The manager receives a warning, for example by text, when a specific occupancy level has almost been reached or is exceeded,” Stijn explains.

Entrance Monitoring can also be connected to other applications such as our Smart Monitoring platform for buildings making the ventilation automatically adapt to the number of customers present. You can also link actions such as product search using the connected electronic labels, marketing analysis or digital signage with it.

Disinfection station

This is so much more than simply a distributor as the module has several IoT sensors on board, allowing you to:

  • monitor the filling level
  • count the number of uses (per day/cycle/since installation)
  • check the battery level (when the terminal is not connected to the mains)
  • manage the temperature

This way you have an efficient solution for your employees and visitors while streamlining management. You are informed when you need to refill hydro-alcoholic gel, thus limiting the workload for your employees. You collect information on use, allowing you to move then when and as necessary.

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