Artificial Intelligence is a game changer for your business

Published on 08/01/2024 in Innovate

With the arrival of Generative AI, the world of business has never been so challenging. To succeed, you have to adapt. AI is going to change your life, and this applies to all sectors and departments: customer service, HR, Sales, Logistics.... Opt for the efficiency of an automated world.

Artificial Intelligence is a game changer for your business

ChatGPT and generative AI: a revolution in the enterprise

Generative AI is knocking on the door of the enterprise. ChatGPT changes pretty much everything. It took ChatGPT just two months to get to 100 million users. Find out why and how to integrate it into your business as quickly as possible.

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Customer stories


Deltrian, an air filtration expert, has optimized its warehouse management thanks to AI and the use of drones, saving considerable time, money, and space. There is nothing like a good game of Tetris!

Discover the Deltrian use case

Proximus Interactive FAQ

Dynamic, precise, and ultra-adaptive FAQs? Generative AI makes it possible! By better understanding requests, it is now possible to relieve a call center and improve the user experience. Proximus NXT has tested this FAQ 2.0 on its own site.

Read more about FAQ 2.0

Proximus NXT: AI expertise on three capabilities

Proximus NXT immerses you in 'Generative AI’, ‘Computer Vision’, and 'Anomaly Detection & Forecasting'. Discover Proximus NXT's expertise in these three areas. Expertise that allows you to leverage the potential of any business in full.

1. Generative AI

Step up a gear in your critical operations and get ahead of the competition. Generative AI offers instantaneous, tailored responses by taking on several key roles in clear, intuitive language. It will revolutionize your daily work as a digital assistant that does time-consuming and repetitive tasks, as a brainstorming partner, and as an analyst of dispersed information.

Let generative AI bring efficiency, intelligence, and innovation to life. Let your business embrace the endless possibilities of the future.

Benoît Hespel, Generative AI & TALN expert at Proximus NXT


2. Computer Vision

Improve customer experience, reduce costs, and refine your decisions with computer vision. AI is transforming visual data into valuable insights in many sectors. For example, in retail you can automate your stock management, minimize stock-outs and maximize the availability of your products. In manufacturing you can accurately identify defects, reduce product recalls, and protect your brand.

Computer vision is an indispensable tool for companies in need of a competitive advantage in a data-driven world.

François Laurent, Computer Vision expert at Proximus NXT


3. Anomaly Detection & Forecasting

No longer are you forced to be reactive with anomaly detection and forecasting. Now you can shape your success proactively. Stay ahead of market trends and fine-tune your resource management. Plan for changes in customer preferences, replenishment of popular products and overstocking costs. Detect anomalies in your infrastructure before your operations are disrupted. Identify atypical financial transactions and prevent fraud.

Detecting and forecasting anomalies allows you to take real-time measures, facilitating better strategic planning and resource allocation.

Silke Plessers, Anomaly Detection & Forecasting expert at Proximus NXT


Our value proposition is unique by three key differentiators

A team of 300 experts for the Benelux market, that combines two existing competence centers among the Proximus group: AI experts (Ada) and Data experts (Codit AI enablers):

  • AI enablers: Consisting of more than 200 data experts, mainly from our Codit subsidiary, who work on preparing your data for use.
    1. They collect and connect data from various sources, for example by migrating it to an Azure cloud.
    2. In other words, they make the data accessible and understandable to your stakeholders.
    3. Finally, they structure the data and make it compatible.
  • The AI experts build the AI algorithms for all the use cases. There are 90 of these experts in AI and cybersecurity and they are grouped together in a single competence center called Proximus Ada.

a. More than 100 custom-built AI use cases have been deployed internally in all Proximus Group departments (an interactive FAQ for our website, a writing assistant for our customer service agents, customer service agents to respond to online discussions with our customers, a tool for forecasting the restocking of shops with smartphones, etc.). These models can be reused, duplicated, and adapted to other companies and other uses, so our customers don’t have to start from a white page.

b. Working with over 100 customers to build large-scale, scalable cloud solutions together with Codit, our daughter company.

A pragmatic methodology for implementing AI, and more specifically generative AI, is conceived as a journey rather than a project. By drawing on our own experience in this field, we can guide and advise you in realizing your project.

Because we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all AI model, we build bespoke, hybrid AI models that can perform specific tasks and add value to your business.

Our value proposition is unique on the market: it addresses all aspects of an AI project and enables end-to-end implementation and managed services.

Bring your company straight into the AI era with Proximus NXT

Take advantage of the support programs offered by Proximus NXT, Ada, and Codit. From targeted training to the implementation of a concrete, customized AI project, via the discovery of the technology's limitless potential, we will work with you to write your business’ next chapter.

Take part in the AI revolution! Sign up for our comprehensive training modules and unlock the multi-sector power of this incredible technology.

Who is this aimed at?

  • The AI Demystification training provides decision-makers with a comprehensive understanding of the potential of AI.
  • The Analytics Translator training is designed for the intermediaries between data scientists and business leaders. Turn your complex data into actionable insights.
  • Create relevant content that will appeal to your audience with training in Prompt Engineering. Aimed at content creators and product developers
  • AI for Executives is for new tools to navigate business strategy and drive their organization forward.
  • AI for Developers helps developers build the AI applications of tomorrow.

What it includes
Depending on the course and training, participants will leave with a solid understanding of AI, equipped to make informed decisions, translate data into strategy, create innovative AI-enhanced content, develop a strategic vision for AI in their business, and have hands-on experience with AI development.

Are you interested in giving your business a boost in AI with the AI training programs?

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Embark on a journey that lets AI revolutionize your business. Proximus NXT’s AI Discovery Mission is a short program designed to bring out your innovative potential and guide your first steps in AI towards unprecedented growth.

Who is this aimed at?

Want to give your business a boost? Then this is the program for you! Proximus NXTgives you the keys to becoming a leader in the dynamic and promising world of AI! But be warned, places are limited.

Proximus NXT acts as a guide through a five-step process

  • Step 1: Discovering your organization -
    In this first step, we will:
    • Collect information about your company.
    • Identify and recommend key players.
    • Provide a recommendation for a steering committee for the assignment and a timetable.
  • Step 2: AI demystification -
    If you are interested, we can organize a session that demystifies AI. We are offering a session open to all to explain AI from data processing to the different AI models, how it all works and the potential.
  • Step 3: Identifying AI use cases -
    We have a proven methodology for identifying, qualifying, and sizing AI opportunities. We use a range of techniques to identify business opportunities, prioritize them, and select the most promising.
  • Step 4: Evaluation and budgeting -
    We evaluate your use case(s) in-house. Our team will assess the feasibility of your use cases and provide an estimated development cost as well as a full business case.
  • Step 5: Recommendation -
    We will provide you with a final recommendation. You will receive a handbook with the use cases defined in step 3 and a complete business case for one use case.

What you get

Once you have completed the AI Discovery Mission program, Proximus NXT provides you with a handbook. Here, you will find detailed final recommendations. This includes concrete use cases, advice on how to optimize your internal management, and the next steps to take on your journey with Artificial Intelligence. It is much more than just a training course, it is an approach to realizing your full potential with AI!

Are you interested in giving your company a boost in AI with the AI Discovery Mission program?

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With our teams of data and AI experts as well as the experience we have gained over several years in implementing AI projects, Proximus NXT can help you bring your AI projects to fruition from A to Z. Take advantage of our AI expertise and an AI partnership to create a continuous cycle of innovation and evolution that adapts to your success.

Who is this aimed at?

Would you like to transform your company's operations and strategies with the help of tailor-made AI solutions? Proximus NXT will guide you through this transformation step-by-step!

Discover the different phases of our partnership methodology

  • Phase 1: Ideation – We give free rein to creativity during brainstorming sessions or hackathons and identify the unique problems that AI can solve.
  • Phase 2: Scoping – We turn inspired ideas into a concrete, detailed plan.
  • Phase 3: Data Exploration – We explore the data that will be the raw material for our AI masterpiece. As such, we can help you put in place a robust data strategy and data platform that can support your AI algorithms.
  • Phase 4: Minimum Viable Product – We sketch out the prototype, offering a tangible preview of the final vision. A concrete representation of your vision for a part of the target population.
  • Phase 5: Pilot – We deploy the AI solution in a controlled and limited environment so it can be tested and adjusted.
  • Phase 6: Industrialization – We prepare to deploy your AI solution on a large scale, refining the architecture and algorithms.
  • Phase 7: Run & Evolve – Your AI solution is implemented in the real world as we continue to improve it. This stage is crucial as we ensure that the developed AI project continues to deliver the same value over time.

What you get

Proximus NXT's ‘AI Factory’ program is a partnership that develops a personalized and robust artificial intelligence solution through a systematic process of innovation. An AI solution tailored to you!

Are you interested in giving your business a boost in AI with the AI Factory program?

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Webinar: ‘Is Generative AI also knocking on your company's door?’

When Generative Artificial Intelligence knocks on your company's door, you had better answer! Find out why in our webinar.

Z-Extra: The many possibilities of AI by Dirk Luyckx

As part of Proximus' "Think Next" event, Dirk Luiks, CTO of Codit, reveals how businesses can integrate and successfully adopt AI. Learn the essential steps to get value from data, the importance of data quality and how a strong data platform is key to innovation.

Z-Extra: Generative AI explained by Sandro Manzo

Explore the transformative impact of generative AI in this video. Sandro Manzo discusses the rapid popularity of ChatGPT, its applications across various industries, and the potential for increased productivity and new revenue streams.


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