Technical Assistance makes the difference for the police

Published on 09/09/2020 in Customer Stories

Technical Assistance makes the difference for the police

National security is synonymous with the HiLDE network of the integrated police, and technical support priorities. Meeting with Céline Gielis, ICT consultant with the federal police and an advocate of the Technical Assistance digital solution.

A priority network

Increasingly dense data traffic, ever more complex network architecture, and ultimately a national security issue. The HiLDE WAN network is an essential element of the integrated police. “More than 50,000 employees expect seamless connectivity. But technical errors do occur. When this happens, it is the efficiency of technical support that makes the difference”, explains Céline, in charge of the Federal Police’s intranet for the past 12 years.

Time saving through digitization

For Céline, e-ticketing is, of course, nothing new. But she has followed the development of the service up to the current solution. “I can do much more than just notify incidents. I can immediately create a ticket from my web interface, add to the ticket my own description of the incident and, if necessary, screenshots, and finally, I can consult the planned infrastructure changes.

“Within minutes, the Proximus engineers confirm that they are dealing with the ticket, and I know that we are already close to finding a solution. In short, it saves precious time.

In the event of a critical incident, I would naturally pick up the phone to ensure close follow-up.

With the Technical Assistance app, I have a complete dashboard and a reporting tool.

Céline Gielis, ICT consultant with the federal police


Dashboard and reporting

Apart from notifying an outage, it is crucial to have a complete overview of further possible incidents. “As an ICT manager, I need to have a full and, at the same time, accurate overview of all incidents. A network failure could mean having a fleet of planes grounded at Zaventem airport or not being able to check the national register, ... in short, it constitutes a risk to our national security. With the Technical Assistance app, I have a complete dashboard that becomes an instant source of information and a reporting tool”, says Céline.

Ergonomics and intuitive navigation

In more critical times, it is essential for Céline to be able to quickly access information and assess the situation at a glance. “Knowing whether the ticket has been handled, understanding whether the technical teams are already on site, obtaining an overview of SLA compliance or even knowing the actions already taken... with the ergonomic and very intuitive app integrated into MyProximus Enterprise, I have transparent information and updates in real time.”

Technical Assistance’ according to Céline Gielis

  1. Time-saving: no call wait time and autonomous ticket management.
  2. Dashboard: overall or individual overview, sorting by criteria, reporting ... I have everything at hand.
  3. Remote access: wherever I am, I keep an eye on technical support and ticket tracking.
  4. Ergonomic app: the information is arranged in a way to make it very readable.
  5. Real-time information: no need to call a helpdesk, I can follow the intervention step by step.

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