Distribution optimization

Published on 15/04/2020 in Sectors

Predict when a truck arrives to schedule a loading dock. Monitor current & past traffic flows to predict mobility behavior and adapt your process flows. Provide easy and real-time communication between driver and dispatchers. Receive route updates, synchronize ETAs and send text messages to inform the driver.

Distribution optimization

Distribution & logistics optimization

Every second counts in an industry where all things are subject to change. That’s why predictiveness of transport & logistics can make the difference.

Knowing the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the trucks arriving at the connected terminals is indispensable data. Real-time information on drivers, vehicles, assets and a communication platform for drivers and dispatchers?

Get insights on where what and how your transport is going and control volatility by using one platform.


What if you could accompany your driver along the road? Making his drive faster and safer while monitoring traffic. Dispatching is able to send destination and route updates to make transportation of goods a lot smoother.

  • Integrate Truckmeister with your dispatching service
  • Make your driver’s route as safe and comfortable as possible thanks to the real-time traffic information.

Find out how to make your driver’s job faster and safer

Logistic plaform

Logistics can become overwhelming and due to current traffic situations, it might seem a huge challenge to take the right measures. Fast and thorough decision-making based on data is what makes you be ahead of your competition and enables you to expand your international footprint.

Get a clear and real-time view of drivers, vehicles, assets, points of interest and high-quality traffic information.

Logistics platform to take action based on real-time information

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