Thanks to fiber, ON TIME Logistics works in real time

Published on 15/12/2022 in Service

Customers expect courier companies to offer nothing less than real-time service. Fiber makes that happen for ON TIME Logistics. Fiber has also made their internal operations much more efficient.

Thanks to fiber, ON TIME Logistics works in real time

"Our old Internet connection was less reliable," says Director & Commercial Manager at ON TIME Logistics Andries Carette. "With the speed and reliability of fiber, all our branches and depots are now connected in real time. That improved both our internal operations and our service to our customers."

Real-time connection between scanning and camera system

"When we scanned parcels in our warehouse before, there was a delay before the data appeared in our system. That was an issue because the timing of the scanning and of the images from our camera system never matched 100%. Thanks to the real-time speed of fiber, comparing scan moments with camera images has become much more efficient.”

Creating your own unique barcodes

"Thanks to fiber, our customers can now also register their order online and print all necessary shipping labels. They enter their order on our portal. The portal then communicates with our parent system and a barcode is created. That barcode is sent to the portal and at the same time the status of the order is updated. If there is a delay, our customers cannot print labels with unique barcodes fast enough."

IT infrastructure to the cloud

Having switched to fiber, ON TIME Logistics decided to move its IT infrastructure and physical servers to the cloud. "That helped us gain space and achieve cost savings. For example, we now no longer need to cool server rooms," Andries Carette concludes.

ON TIME Logistics is a courier company specialising in the distribution of pallets, packages, goods on capstans and transport of long packages in a one-stop principle.

Are you interested in the technology of the future? Discuss the possibilities of connecting your organization to fiber, or check the availability in your area now.

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