"We chose fiber because we work in the cloud."

Published on 15/12/2022 in Service

When you move to the cloud, you need a fast and stable connection. That is why ACO Passavant decided to have a fiber connection installed.

"We chose fiber because we work in the cloud."

"We have been working with fiber for several years," says Thomas Van Belleghem of ACO Passavant. "Years ago, I had the line installed in our old branch because we had no other choice. Our server and our ERP package were running on-site. Our parent company in Germany decided to bring everything off site to the cloud."

Working without interruptions

"The move to the cloud meant that our vdsl connection regularly was overloaded or too slow. We switched to fiber to ensure that the 20 people in our branch can continue working without interruptions. Fiber provides the speed and stability we needed for working in the cloud."

Quick decision

When ACO moved to its new site, Thomas Van Belleghem had another dedicated fiber line installed. "Safeguarding the continuity of our work is a priority for me. Fiber can provide that. So for me, the choice was easy," he concludes.

ACO Passavant offers professional solutions to collect, treat, retain, reuse and monitor rain, waste and surface water.

Are you interested in the technology of the future? Discuss the possibilities of connecting your organization to fiber, or check the availability in your area now.

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