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Improve your Wi-Fi with the MyProximus app

The MyProximus app helps you to optimize and test the wi-fi connection of your device. It explains how :

  1. Go to the MyProximus app. Download it if you don't have it yet.
  2. You must be an administrator in MyProximus. If there is already an administrator in your family or company, you can optimise the wifi via his MyProximus app.
  3. Go to Services, bottom right, then scroll down to Wi-Fi management. Don't you see Wi-Fi management? Don't you see Wi-Fi management? Go to the Play Store or App store to make sure the app is updated.
  4. The MyProximus app analyses the status of your wi-fi and, depending on your situation, will suggest one or more of these solutions. Select the solution to implement it:
    • "Replace your b-box for free": your b-box is of an old model. Follow the instructions in the app to replace it.
    • "The best Wi-Fi experience in your house": We offer you to upgrade your wi-fi to improve it in every corner of the house. You don't have to do anything, just give your consent.
    • "Your Wi-Fi is optimized": We offer you additional advice depending on your situation.
    • « Message » : This message appears if your wi-fi can be improved. Select it to display our solutions:
      • "Install a Wi-Fi Booster": You have a problem with wi-fi coverage in the room you're in. We advise you to install a Wi-Fi Booster.
      • "Need help": We're going to give you a happy house tour. A technician will come to optimize your wi-fi network.
      • "Bring your devices closer to your b-box": Your device is too far away from your modem.
      • "Disconnect some devices from your Wi-Fi network": Too many devices are connected to wi-fi at the same time. Disconnect some of them to improve the quality of the Wi-Fi.
      • "Recommendation": A device too old slows down the wi-fi. We advise you to disconnect it from the wi-fi and to connect it to the modem with an ethernet cable.

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