LEDs on your Wi-Fi Bridge

Is your Wi-Fi Bridge working properly? To make sure, check its lights.

LED indicators on a Wi-Fi Bridge

Led PowerPower

This light indicates whether the Wi-Fi Bridge is turned on. If it isn't, check if the power cable is correctly plugged in and that the switch at the back of the device is on I.

Led Link QualityLink Quality (quality of the signal)

This light indicates whether the Wi-Fi Bridge is working properly as a receiver. The color of the light (green, yellow or red) indicates the quality of the signal emitted between the two devices (the transmitter and the Wi-Fi Bridge receiver):

Led Perfect signal (green light)Green = perfect signal.

Led Correct signal (yellow light)Yellow = good signal. Having an extra Wi-Fi Bridge may lower the quality of the signal.

Led Bad signal (red light)Red = weak signal. The quality can be improved by moving the Wi-Fi Bridge until the Link Quality LED becomes green or yellow. We advise you to place the receiver in a high, well-aired place, and not in cupboards or shelves.

If the Link Quality LED    is off, you must resynchronize your Wi-Fi Bridge with the b-box modem:

  1. Disconnect the ethernet cable that connects the Wi-Fi Bridge to your decoder (if they are not in the same room as your b-box modem).
  2. Unplug your Wi-Fi Bridge and plug it into the same room as your b-box modem. The Power LED lights up again.
  3. Press the WPS button for 2 seconds  on your b-box modem then press for 2 seconds the WPS button  on your Wi-Fi Bridge. The Link quality LED will come on again.
  4. Unplug the Wi-Fi Bridge and plug it back in near your decoder. Reconnect the ethernet cable between your decoder and your Wi-Fi Bridge.
  5. Restart your decoder.

Led Access PointAccess Point

This light is not used if you use your Wi-Fi Bridge with a b-box 3 modem. If you use another modem,  this light indicates whether the Wi-Fi Bridge is working as a transmitter. If the Access Point light is flashing, it means that the access point is being set up. This can take up to one minute.

Led WirelessWireless

This light indicates a wireless connection. If the Wireless light is flashing, it means that the wireless connection is being used. If it isn’t, check if the Wi-Fi light of your modem is lit up. If it isn't, press for two seconds on the button under the Wi-Fi light of your modem.

Led WPSWPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

This light indicates the status of the sync between the transmitter (b-box 3 modem or Wi-Fi Bridge transmitter) and the Wi-Fi Bridge receiver. Normally, this light is turned off. If you want to sync or resync the Wi-Fi Bridge and the transmitter, press the WPS button of the Wi-Fi Bridge and then that of the transmitter within two minutes. The WPS indicators will start flashing for about two minutes, and then turn off. This means that the sync is completed.

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