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Change the ring time when your mobile switches to voicemail too quickly

If you have a subscription, choose how long your mobile rings before the call is diverted to voicemail. You can extend, shorten or disable the ring time.

If you have a Pay&Go card or a Full Control subscription,  you can not modify this setting. The caller will always be diverted to your voicemail after 15 seconds.

  • How to extend or shorten the ring time?

    Enter **61*+32475151516**Number of seconds# on the keypad of your phone and press the call key (as if you were trying to call this number).Instead of Number of seconds fill in a value (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 seconds). 30 seconds is the maximum. 

    For example, type **61*+32475151516**30# exactly and press call to have your calls diverted to voicemail after 30 seconds. It's normal to receive a notification that call forwarding has been activated, since you are tranferring to your voicemail after # seconds.

    Do you have an Android phone and can't find the + sign? Then you can type **61*0032475151516**Number of seconds# instead.

    Attention, don’t replace the number +32475151516 with your own number!

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