Set up an audio file as a PhoneMail greeting

Do you wish to record a song or a special greeting on your PhoneMail? Choose a wav audio file and configure it online. You can only upload wav files, no mp3 or wma files.

  1. Log in to MyProximus to view your products.

    View your products
  2. Next, click on your landline.
  3. In the My services box, click on the Active tab.
  4. Browse through the activated services until you find PhoneMail.
  5. Click PhoneMail and then Manage.
  6. Next, click Activated Smart Services and then Manage PhoneMail.
  7. Click on Personalize greeting in the Greeting section.
  8. Select an audio file on your computer and click Upload.

From now on, your callers will hear this audio file welcoming them to your PhoneMail.

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