Pause, rewind and restart on the Proximus TV app

On the Proximus TV app, the the TV Replay option enables you to rewind or fast forward in the program you're watching, and to pause it or restart it. The channels which allow you to use TV Replay are marked with the TV Replay possible icon.

Rewind or fast forward a program

Drag the cursor in the time bar to the left or to the right to rewind or fast forward a program.

Activate the TV Replay+ option to fast forward in a program watched in deferred time.

Pause a program

Press the Pause icon in the control bar to pause a program. Afterwards, click the Play icon to resume watching.

Restart a program

Programs marked with the TV Replay possible icon can be watched up to 36 hours after being broadcast. Programs marked with the TV Replay impossible icon cannot be watched again once they have finished.

Go into the TV Guide or TV Program. Choose a program currently being broadcast and press Resume from the beginning or Restart or choose a program that has already finished, and press Watch.

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