How to receive a top-up bonus?

Do you want to receive a top-up bonus when you top up your Pay&Go? Choose the right rate plan and be sure to top up correctly.

  • Does your Pay&Go rate plan include a top-up bonus? Not every Pay&Go rate plan includes a top-up bonus. You can check it when reloading online.
  • Did you top up correctly? To receive a top-up bonus you must top up:
    • for a minimum amount, which varies according to your rate plan. In most cases this amount is €15.
    • within a certain period of time after your previous top-up. The length of this period depends on your rate plan, but is usually 31 days. You can view your previous top-ups online.

Your top-up bonus is always valid for 31 days.

How many minutes, text messages and MB from your top-up bonus do you have left?

Type in the short code #120# on your mobile and press the call key. Or view your bonus minutes, texts and MB on MyProximus: consult the app or log in via de website.

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