Credit note and debit note: a correction on your bill

<OLD VERSION Do not publish> f your bill needs to be corrected, this is done either by means of a credit note (an adjustment in your favor) or a debit note (an additional charge to be paid). You will not, therefore, receive a new or adjusted bill.

  • You receive a credit note when we correct a bill in your favor; in other words, you have an amount in credit. This credit is deducted from your next bill(s).

    For example: you received a credit note of a value of €20 and the outstanding balance of your bill is €15. In that case, this balance will be paid with your credit and you still have €5 of credit left. This amount will be deducted from your next bill.

  • You receive a debit note if an additional amount needs to be charged to your bill. You will therefore need to pay an additional amount. You can do so using your usual payment method (bank transfer slip, Internet banking or direct debit).

A credit or debit note can incorporate several corrections.

Bill or payment statement?

When you, as a residential client, have a payment statement without a red bank transfer form, then the correction will be noted on your payment statement. You will see a negative amount (correction in your favor) or an positive amount (additional charge).

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