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Landline solutions

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Voice over IP (VoIP)

IP telephony saves on cabling, call and connection costs

Integrate your landline with your IT applications

Clear voice quality

One or several offices?

Enterprise Voice

One office
Number of lines Price/month
2 - 16 € 39,7 per 2 lines
30 - 120 € 313 per 30 lines

Business trunking

Several offices
  • Unlimited number of lines, simple to add or remove 
  • Available in 10 European countries
  • Only on Explore
  • Prices on request

Phone Line Enterprise

VoIP or traditional line with one call channel

  • Options: Smart Services Benefit Pack 
    • including call forwarding, number and name display, call transfer...
  • Options: Phone Mail
  • Price on request


Your tariff plan to make optimal use of your connection (VoIP or all other fixed lines)

Unlimited Calls National

Unlimited calls to all landlines in Belgium

1000 minutes to all mobile numbers in Belgium, 24/7

12 /month
Number range (10)6 /month*

Unlimited Calls National/International

All the benefits of Unlimited Calls National

Extra: 1000 international call minutes (landline and mobile numbers) 

15 /month
Number range (10)7.5 /month**

International: Europe wide + USA + Canada + fixed numbers in Morocco and Turkey. All rates (.pdf)

Call Credit

The more calls you make, the cheaper it gets

Monthly prepaid call credit (50 / 150 / 500 / 1000 / 2000)

More info

Choose an all-in-one package that includes your VoIP connection


  • VoIP connection included
  • Superior call quality (QoS)
  • Unlimited calls in Belgium via fixed line to fixed and mobile lines
  • International landline calls to landlines and mobiles:
    • Infinity Europe: 5000 call minutes (see country list: zone 1)
    • Infinity World: 5000 call minutes (see country list: zone 1 and 2)

Country list (.pdf)


Business continuity

Optimal routing, even in the event of a malfunction or technical downtime

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Optimal routing

Voice Managed Services routes every call to the most qualified operator

  • No missed calls
  • The customer comes first through routing to the right operator
  • Clear statistics about incoming calls

Service disruption? No problem!

Voice Continuity ensures the rerouting of incoming calls that wouldn't be answered during technical downtime, hardware-related maintenance or a national or international emergency.

  • Configure this on a per number basis or for all numbers together via:
    • a mobile application on a smartphone
    • MyProximus
  • No additional hardware investment or change to infrastructure needed
  • Accessibility and continuity of business activities are guaranteed

This is also an option

Outsource the routing to Proximus in case of a technical failure. Then, a telephone call is all that's needed to activate the pre-established routing plan.

Contact centers

Interaction with customers, onsite or in the cloud

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Interaction with customers

Our contact center solutions include:

  • Call queueing (putting calls in a queue)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) routing
  • Text To Speech (TTS) or Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Contact Center in the Cloud (CCaaS)

  • Web-based, so you only need a browser and an Internet connection
  • Integrate CCaaS into your CRM; can also be used as a Business Continuity solution.
  • Highly suitable for homeworking

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