Create your own Big Data report with MyAnalytics

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Create your own location insights report with MyAnalytics

Get new insights to better understand your customers and their behavior. How many visitors come to my district or event? Where do they come from?

Create your own report based on location and date.

  1. Go to the application
  2. Register and sign in
  3. In just three steps, select the data you want to receive in the report
  4. Click the order button
  5. You will receive the report within 2 working days

Improved market insights

You can only develop new business ideas or adjust your strategy if you have relevant and up-to-date information. Proximus Analytics provides you with those insights through MyAnalytics thanks to analyses and reports based on location data.


  • You determine which data you want
  • The application is intuitive and flexible
  • You pay per report, so there are no subscription or registration charges
  • You can develop new strategies or adapt your sales and marketing tactics
  • Location data is used to gain a competitive advantage


Customer privacy is always guaranteed because there is no use of personal data.

Countless fields of application

There are myriad fields of application. For example, the tourist industry, retail sector, mobility sector, advertising world and public authorities all stand to benefit from this new technology.

The Visitor Analytics, Event Analytics and Journey Analytics solutions offer analyses and reports based on location data which answer important questions such as:

  • How many people visit an event or municipality? How many people pass by the neighborhood of your shop or restaurant?
  • Where do the visitors come from? Where do they spend the night?
  • How many people travel to your city during the long weekend and which access roads do they use?

Customer stories

Tourism gains new insights from mobile location data

Where do tourists come from, how long do they stay and what is their next destination? Westtoer, visit.brussels and Toerisme Vlaanderen use location data for new insights in the tourist sector.

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