Mobile payments via your bill

Enabled by default

If not needed, you can deactivate it via MyProximus

Pay for third party services via your mobile number

It's like paying for parking in the city via SMS

  • Simple: pay without a credit card
  • Fast: no need to create a new account
  • Secure: payment is linked to your Proximus mobile number

Just confirm your payment online, directly on the webpage or in the app of the service you use.

Manage your mobile payments

Who can use the Proximus Mobile Payment System?

All customers with a mobile subscription or prepaid card can use this payment system.

The system is active by default for all customers and can be limited or deactivated via MyProximus.

Attention: you must be at least 18 years old to make payments with your mobile subscription or prepaid card in the online shops. Are you a minor? Ask your parents for permission to make mobile payments

What is the maximum purchase amount?

The maximum value per transaction is €50 and the total value per month is limited to €250.

Want to adjust your limit for mobile payments?

Learn how to limit the costs

How do my purchases appear on my Proximus bill/payment statement?

The last page of your Proximus bill/payment statement contains an overview of the costs related to these services.

These costs are listed under the heading "Details of your bill for third-party services - Payments for non-Proximus services".

How to consult and manage my mobile payments on MyProximus?

Login to MyProximus and go to
Products > My Mobile > Settings > Other > Mobile Payments

There you can either define your maximum spending budget or deactivate the mobile payment service.

How to pay for third party services with your bill?

You can manage your budget. A purchase made via the mobile payment function is limited to €50. Your monthly budget can be increased up to €250 per month.

Online subscription service

How to activate an online subscription?

  1. Validate your age and agree to share your mobile number or confirm your purchase by inserting the validation code you will receive by SMS
  2. Pay your subscriptions at the same time as you pay your Proximus bill

You can find a summary of your purchases in the details of your bill for third-party services on the last page of your Proximus bill

How to buy in app-stores and in apps?

  1. Set your payment method
    You can set your payment method in different apps and apps-store.
  2. Choose the option 'Pay via my Proximus bill'.
  3. Identify yourself with your mobile phone number.
  4. Find your purchases on your next month's bill

Find the summary of your purchases in the details of your third-party services statement, which is on the last page of your Proximus bill.

More info about mobile payments

The range of third party services that you can buy and pay for via your mobile number is huge and targets entertainment, information or useful services :

  • Entertainment services: movies, TV programmes, music, mobile or online games and competitions.
  • Information services: fitness programmes, diet programmes and sports results.
  • Useful services: public transport tickets, parking tickets or electric car charging.

Please note that these services are offered by external service providers, who also set the prices. You pay for these services via your Proximus bill/discount.

Proximus collects the amounts (including VAT) and transfers them to the external service providers

Want to buy apps, games, films, music, or books for your mobile or tablet? Check all info for Apple Store, Play Store and Microsoft Store.

Via MyProximus, under the 'Consumption' tab you will find an overview of your Mobile Payments that have not yet been included on your bill/invoice.

Subscription services are often offered via an advertising banner.

As soon as you click on the banner, you are redirected to the service provider's website. This is how the registration process works:

  1. Check the box to confirm that you are at least 18 years old 
  2. Click on "Subscribe now" to start your subscription
  3. Check the box to confirm that you agree to share your mobile number for billing purposes
  4. Click on "Confirm payment" to confirm the payment of your subscription. The amount will be included on your Proximus invoice or debited from your call credit.

Your subscription is activated from that moment on and you will receive an immediate confirmation by sms.

After clicking on "Confirm Payment" you will immediately receive an SMS message confirming your subscription and indicating how to terminate it.

The SMS is always sent from a 4-digit number starting with the number 8.

The SMS messages you receive are free of charge and you will receive a reminder every month.

You can terminate a subscription at any time and at no cost: 

  • By replying ‘STOP’ to the sms you receive to remind you of your subscription. The sms contains the exact keyword to unsubscribe: it can be ‘STOP’ or ‘STOP ROUGE’ or ‘STOP VR’ or …
  • Contact the customer service of the provider. You can find the contact details via this link.
  • Contact our customer service on 0800 55 500 (Monday to Friday between 8 am and 6 pm)
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