Speed up your digital workflow with Microsoft Teams

Published on 07/01/2021 in Solutions & services

How do you digitize the collaboration between employees and with clients and suppliers? And how can you automate your business processes? Stijn Claes from Proximus Advanced Workplace gives you five tips for getting the most out of Microsoft Teams.

Speed up your digital workflow with Microsoft Teams

1. All your documents together in 1 place

“Teams completely revolves around the user experience,” says Stijn. “From an integrated platform, you can chat with a colleague, share and edit your files, call clients and enjoy an in-person experience with video, etc. That way, you automatically bring all your documents, contacts and communication channels together in one place. Your employees collaborate more productively because everything goes faster and more efficiently. That gives you a competitive edge.”

2. Work with colleagues and clients on one project

Stijn: “You can invite colleagues to participate in a ‘team’, so as to work together more productively. They get immediate access to all documents and information about the whole project and can be kept up to speed on any changes. You can also work in a team with clients and suppliers by adding them as guests.”

3. Anytime, anywhere

“With Microsoft Azure, your employees have continuous and secure access to documents and data in the cloud,” says Stijn. “They can call, hold video conferences and send text messages using different applications and mobile platforms. Imagine you have a great idea or inspiration for a project while you’re on the move. You can share it instantly with your team and develop it further on your smartphone or tablet.”

Teams revolves around ease of use. You can even use it to automate your business processes.

Stijn Claes from Proximus Advanced Workplace

4. Connect out of the box

Teams is linked to all Office 365 apps such as Word, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint, Power Platform and Power BI. Stijn: “Thanks to those links you can use Teams as a central hub in which to work.” Take, for example, a digital tool so that employees can book a meeting room or a planner to divide tasks and review progress on them. But you can also implement an adapted chatbot that will answer FAQs from your clients.

5. Integrate your own apps

“You can also link the platform to your own applications, for instance to automate vacation requests, expense payments and barcode scans. This is the route to a paperless company,” says Stijn. “Teams is so simple that you can even automate your own business processes, without the need for a whole army of developers. If you like, Proximus can help.”

It can even help you build your own applications. You don’t need to know anything about coding and there’s no need to set up a whole project plan to develop it.

The network for Flemish entrepreneurs Voka is always available thanks to Microsoft Teams.

How Voka deploys Teams

Build your own apps in Microsoft Teams.

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