What is sovereign cloud?

Published on 19/07/2022 in News

Sovereign cloud is a cloud solution for the secure storage of sensitive or confidential data subject to strict regulations. The sovereign cloud guarantees that all data, including metadata and personal data, remain within the European Union and cannot be accessed from abroad.

What is sovereign cloud?

Cloud security and geopolitics

The increasing storage of data in the cloud raises important questions. In what physical location are the data stored? Who has access to it and who controls it? Who can and may exchange that data? And where to? These are all questions that are the subject of a broader geopolitical discussion. The European Union is taking the lead in that discussion.

Thanks to sovereign cloud, you can enjoy the benefits of the public cloud and simultaneously keep your data in the European Union

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European legislation

In practice, most data storage in the cloud takes place in the datacenters of hyperscalers, read: the American tech giants. The EU wants to reduce this dependence, as well as the risk of foreign access to the data of European companies. Just think of the importance of data for innovations such as artificial intelligence, in which the EU is pioneering. New European regulations therefore require companies, organizations and governments to store all sensitive, critical and confidential data only within the EU from now on. Companies must adapt their cloud strategy accordingly.

Switch from the multicloud

The answer is sovereign cloud. These cloud solutions guarantee that all data, including metadata and personal data, remain within the European Union and cannot be accessed from abroad. These are 100% European clouds. There is no risk of a foreign government asking a foreign cloud player to release the data of European companies or citizens.

Advantages of sovereign cloud

Sovereign cloud forms a new, indispensable link in the multicloud landscape. Multicloud is the future. Data volumes - and the diversity of data - will only continue to increase. Depending on the nature of the data, a different cloud solution offers the best option. Sovereign cloud is the preferred partial solution for sensitive or confidential data that is subject to strict regulations.

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