Professor Communication Sciences Pieter Ballon on smart cities

Published on 10/11/2016 in Inspire

Professor Communication Sciences Pieter Ballon on smart cities

Pieter Ballon has a master’s degree in Contemporary History and a doctorate in Communication Sciences. He is linked to the VUB (free Flemish University of Brussels), leads the Media, Market and Innovation research group at IBBT-SMIT and is head of IBBT-iLab.o – the lab for open innovation in ICT. At iMinds, the Flemish government’s digital research center, he is the smart cities expert.

What’s it about?

Since 2008, most of the world’s population has lived in a city. This number is only going to increase. Mobility, security, energy and waste are becoming major challenges. The solution is obvious: making the city smart will keep the quality of life of its people up to standard, says Pieter Ballon. A lot of thought is being put into this in Belgium, too.

Why should you read this? 

The smart city revolution is coming any way. But this book does not just give three cheers. Pieter Ballon not only sets out the benefits that smart cities bring, but also considers all the dangers and pitfalls. 

About the book  

‘Smart Cities’ describes how technology is radically altering our view of the city. Something that is essential if we want to ensure that the ever-growing cities on our planet remain livable and manageable. Ballon looks at how, thanks to increasingly powerful ICT, city dwellers can remain mobile. How we can improve security and energy supplies and how the overall perception of the city can progress. And yet technology alone cannot solve all our problems. For instance, how do you maintain the right balance between security and privacy? In response, the author has put together ‘five recipes for success for a smart city’. Ballon also devotes a great deal of attention to Belgian and Dutch smart city initiatives. 


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