Renmans gets more out of digital signage via cloud

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Renmans gets more out of digital signage via cloud


Renmans stands for quality. The company prepares fresh Belgian meat and applies strict operational standards, an approach that Renmans is happy to broadcast on screens displayed in their shops. To realize the project, the butchers plucked ‘digital signage’ from the cloud.


Renmans is a Belgian family business. In the late 1970s, Henri Renmans and his wife Nicole opened several butcher shops, one of which was next to an Aldi supermarket. In 1984, when the company’s expansion together with Aldi became a reality, Henri Renmans joined forces with Richard Bovy who took responsibility for the administration, personnel management, finances, marketing, etc., also playing a commercial role. The success story repeated itself under the name Henri Boucher in France. In 1993, sons Rik and Nico Renmans joined the company. And, since 2006, Richard’s son Jeoffrey Bovy has also been onboard. Currently, Renmans is a company with over 3,000 employees, working at 376 butcher shops, 295 of which are in Belgium, 72 in France and nine in Luxembourg. Renmans is committed to the old artisanal ways of the traditional butcher. There is no central processing. Each day the company delivers fresh Belgian meat to the shops where the in-house butchers then further prepare and process it.

Central management

The central IT helpdesk is located at the Renmans distribution center in Londerzeel. All the shops are connected via the Explore network from Belgacom. At the point of sale, there is a PC on which the employees can submit orders for meat, vegetables and other items. There is also a connection with the intranet. This allows employees to access various forms, internal information, address lists, etc. The cash registers at the shops are also connected to Explore. Via the network, Renmans can push the correct prices to the cash registers and the company can obtain information on sales. In addition, the monitoring system for the refrigeration units is connected to the network. Renmans is able to manage all of the applications on its own virtualized server fleet.

Connection with the customer

When the time came to replace the old screens for ‘digital signage’ (electronic displays with messages from the company) in the shops, Renmans opted for a solution in the cloud. “The old system was outdated,” says IT Manager Thomas Bovy. “The screens in the shops displayed information about product promotions. We’d change the display once a week.” Renmans decided to move the information about promotions to the scales. They are equipped with a screen facing the customer. “On the big screens we now favor information about the commitment we have to our customers. For example, we show that we don’t use frozen meat, that we sell our ground meat within 24 hours, that our employees wear gloves and facemasks behind the scenes, etc.” Renmans combines this information with more topical news such as the weather forecast and the latest headlines. Bovy: “There is also space for short videos where we can give more information about a specific product, such as pita or barbecue. We also refer to our website, where customers can watch full instructional videos.”

Fast interventions

The servers for digital signage are run in the cloud at Belgacom, which saved Renmans from having to make any investment upfront. The screens are based on LED technology and the players use passive cooling which means that they consume a lot less energy. The rollout of video screens is happening at the same time as the migration to Explore and a facelift of the shops. Digitopia is supplying the screens, the media players and the content, but Belgacom is in charge of the entire project. Bovy: “The teams at Belgacom and Digitopia are showing incredible flexibility. For a facelift, a shop will have to be closed for no more than three days. During that time everything has to happen, from the renovation to the installation of the screen.” Sometimes longer interventions are required, some of which fall outside of business hours. That is also an area where Digitopia has been very flexible. “If there is a defect, Digitopia will be there within four hours.”

Company profile

Renmans is a Belgian family business with a workforce of over 3,000 employees and 376 outlets in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. Virtually all of the butcher shops are located next to an Aldi supermarket.

Business benefits
  • Simple solution for up-to-date information
  • No investment in server infrastructure
  • LED screens and mediaplayers with passive cooling reduce energy bills significantly
More info?

For more information on digital signage, visit the Belgacom website or contact your Account Manager.

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