What is Fixed Mobile Unification?

Published on 16/06/2020 in Solutions & services

Using FMU you integrate your employees' smartphones and mobile phones into your telephone exchange. They answer their calls remotely, as if they are in the office, and they call from their mobile phone using the company's fixed (landline) number.

What is Fixed Mobile Unification?

Reachable on a professional number, always and everywhere

Your employees don’t always know what number they should give out to their customers or on which device they will be reachable during the day. Fixed Mobile Unification integrates your mobile devices and smartphones into your company’s communication platform. Your employees give one professional number to their business contacts: their fixed (landline) number.

They receive incoming calls on their fixed and mobile devices, wherever they are. So they no longer miss a single call, not even abroad, because they receive every call on their fixed and mobile device. For each received call, whether the number called is the fixed or mobile number, the caller's number is displayed on the receiver’s phone.

For outgoing calls, your company's fixed number is displayed, even when your employees are calling on their mobile device.

Integrate your mobile phones into your telephone exchange.

Discover how

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Work-life balance

FMU offers three statuses: Professional, Private and On Duty.

With the Professional status, your employees make or receive business calls. They can then use all the functions of your telephone exchange such as call forwarding, abbreviated numbers and your company voicemail.

When set to Private, their mobile phone becomes a private device with its own number and private voicemail.

When set to On Duty, the mobile phone is considered as a private phone, but your employees remain reachable on their professional number. With this status, the number of their private mobile is displayed on outgoing calls.

Change status easily

Your employees decide for themselves when and how they can be reached. They can easily change their status in the mobile application. They can also set it automatically using the scheduling function. Your IT manager can also manage the status of your employees via the MyProximus web portal.

Other advantages for your company

Fixed Mobile Unification is a telephone service provided over the Proximus network. So you don’t have to invest in mobile Wi-Fi or Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) infrastructure yourself. FMU also works on any mobile device (smartphone and mobile phone) and with any operating system (iOS and Android).

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