Industry 4.0 leads to greater efficiency, safety and sustainability

Published on 08/11/2021 in Customer Stories

Industry 4.0 demands an overall strategy for digital transformation. Without a strategy, efforts are limited to isolated projects with a limited effect. So says Frederic Lhostte, Head of Analytics, Things & Applications at Proximus, in the IT journal Data News.

Industry 4.0 leads to greater efficiency, safety and sustainability

In an online double interview with Data News, experts from Proximus and Inetum-Realdolmen exchanged ideas on the current state of play of Industry 4.0 in Belgium. Lhostte : “Digital transformation offers a good way to look at Industry 4.0. Companies are looking for greater efficiency, safety and sustainability. They’re using digital tools to achieve those goals.”

Building blocks: sensors, AI and connectivity

“Very often companies are convinced of the opportunities of Industry 4.0, but they hesitate to take the first concrete steps.” A roadmap offers the necessary guidance. “That way they get an overview of a first case that they can initiate, or a IT partner who can provide the appropriate support.” It’s just as important that this is not an isolated exercise. The available technology is no longer a barrier. “Sensors, connectivity, artificial intelligence: all the building blocks are readily available.”

5G as a game changer

So the technological issue is no longer the big obstacle; what the business wants to achieve is. The arrival of new technology – 5G in particular – is bringing even more goals within reach. “5G is a game changer for Industry 4.0, that much is clear. But once again, 5G is not the only factor that counts. It’s just as important for a company to develop the right mindset to get to work with Industry 4.0.”

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