The impact of 5G on efficiency, innovation and growth

Published on 03/07/2024 in Webinars, keynotes and videos

This webinar brings together experts from Proximus NXT, Cronos and the academic field to provide a unique perspective on 3 success stories and experiences from industry, logistics, and supply chain.

The impact of 5G on efficiency, innovation and growth


  • Proximus NXT and the Cronos Group, collaboration as a catalyst for innovation and growth (DUTCH, 00:00 - 03:33)

Kris Van Cauwenbergh
Business Development Manager, Proximus NXT

  • Digital technologytrends in logistics and supply chain in 2024 (DUTCH, 03:33 – 13:08)

Valentin Carlan
Post-doc resarcler and Professor Transport innovation, digitalisation and entrepreneurship, Universiteit Antwerpen

  • The importance of data when stocking hazardous materials (DUTCH, 13:08 – 21:54)

Joris Emanuel
IT Director, Van Moer Logistics

  • Predictive and prescriptive maintenance using 5G connected industrial IoT-sensors (FRENCH, 21:54 – 29:44)

Thomas Di Pietro
R&D Director, I-care

  • 5G as enabler for automation of a shipping terminal (ENGLISH, 29:44 – 40:26)

Cyrielle Böttcher
Project Manager, Novandi


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