Seamless employee mobility

Published on 29/04/2020 in Sectors

Enhance your employees’ mobility and convert your workplace into a smart building.

Seamless employee mobility

Only 60% of employees say they’re satisfied with the mobile working options available to them at work. 
Mobility is crucial for business. Commuters struggle daily to find their way to work and at the office, while dealing with traffic, finding a parking spot or booking the right meeting room. How can you make their lives easier? 

Offer a smart mobility eco-system that supports employees during their whole workday:

  1. On the road
    • Find the best route and transport modes
    • Streamline your mobility payments
    • And enhance your parking facilities
  2. In the office
    • Find your way easily through digital signage
    • Book meeting rooms automatically
    • And control and personalize your own workspace
Employee mobility leads to 23% more productivity and 100% more satisfied employees.


Increase your workforce’s mobility to boost productivity

1. Smart Mobility

92% of employees say having technology that helps them do their job efficiently affects their work satisfaction.

Ultimate Software

Technology makes the life of your employee easier. When employees are heading for the office, an app can show them the most efficient route, the best parking spot or help with their mobility expenses:

  • E-invoicing: receive 1 monthly receipt covering all mobility transactions
  • Fleet management: decide who can park where and when on behalf of the company
  • Mobility payments: pay for parking spots on and off street, bus, tram, train
  • Asset optimization: open your own parking to the public when it’s not used to generate extra revenue
  • Steer employees towards new mobility modes and use it as a communication channel
  • Mobility budget tool: reward employees for the right decision
  • Tailor the app to your needs: enable toll payments, integrate e-fuel provider of your choice, digitize your premise with flex-desk and smart meeting rooms

2. Integrated fix and mobile communication

Businesses that adopt a Unified Communications (UC) phone system experience, on average, see a 52% improvement in workplace productivity, resulting in a 25% increase in operating profit.

When you integrate mobile phones in your communication platform, you make life easier for your employees, your customers and your business as a whole:

  • All the functionalities of your telephone exchange on your mobile devices
  • Split usage of private and professional phone numbers
  • One company voicemail for all telephone traffic
  • Ideal for DECT replacement

Improve your employees’ availability

3. Carefree leasing of mobile devices

Do you need to invest in new hardware too often? Rent smartphones, tablets or laptops and keep a complete view and remote control on all devices in your enterprise. Set the device security level and pay a fixed price per month per user.

Check your mobile devices rental options

4. Smart Buildings

Ensure connectivity everywhere in your building, both with 4G and Wi-Fi. Feed captured sensor data to smart-building applications and monitor and control energy consumption, mobility and much more:

  • Stimulate in-depth cooperation with colleagues from different divisions
  • Cut costs by activity-based working
  • Monitor internal electricity network and energy consumption
  • Improve comfort and well-being at the office
  • Streamline wayfinding indoor with digital signage

Create Smart building with our ecosystem of partners

Customer Stories


Access points exchange information about the quality of the signal coverage and the number of connections. This way we optimize the connection, which in turn is good for roaming devices throughout the entire network.

Karl Fabry, CTO at Deloitte Belgium

Deloitte opted for an innovative, fully managed Wi-Fi solution, to reduce its carbon footprint and enhance mobility.

Deloitte enhances employee mobility and reduces its CO2 emissions by 40%


We have to be very efficient in work spaces, as there are only 6 workplaces available for every 10 employees.

Raf Boterdaele – AXA Belgium

Axa uses IoT to manage spaces in their brand new building.

They looked for proven technology, independent from their network, that was easy to implement and offered fast real-time reporting.

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